My Journey through Facebook

My journey through Facebook is truly one of  interest-everyday I find I learn so very much from the wonderful people I  “bump” into. 

I first started just by being drawn in to Jay Albert and his unbelievable photography with his 8 year old camera- I found him a very humble man with an extraordinary knack for being at the right place at the right time to capture the essence of Cape Ann that pleases everyone so much. 

Through comments on Jay’s site, I found Capeann Ma and enjoyed reading comments and banter with of course Dr Paul Morrison–who I found intriguing. His intellect and diverse humor drew me in further- I found I wanted to learn more from him- He has an amazing mind–I get exhausted trying to delve into the crevices  but learning is a passion with me and I love the challenge he presents.

Through him I “met” Michael Foley who is a Sculptor with amazing ability to create shapes, figures, out of granite-and bring them to life-I am humbled by his work-and we have become FBF. And again

Through him I “met” Lester Bartlett and continued my journey through his remarkable ability and passion to glean historical information to secure a legacy for future generations. Once again, I traveled a road that expanded my vision of things I did not see that are so welcome to me now. The Quarries- I loved slogging through weeds, hay,rocks whatever it took to swim in them–but did I ever really see the beauty in the colors and hues of that beautiful stone? Not I. That is what Les brought to me- History re Motif#1 and Rockport, but most importantly , the remarkable presentations via video of one of our most important legacies-Granite.

And on my journey goes-I have “met”  other  artists whose craft is amazing, their eye for beauty astonishing.

Having nothing to do with Facebook I find I have to mention my favorite artist is my sister Judith Steele Goetemann . She and her husband artist Gordon G Goetemann have the most beautiful studio in Rocky Neck-which suits the beauty of her soul- She is so talented, pianist, magnificent batiks, oils-How I envy her-She is my idol, my inspiration. Always has been-always will be. There would be no me without her- Thank you Judy-I love you